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Welcome to SQL World

We are an agile, professional, boutique firm specialising in all things Microsoft SQL Server.


Ensuring all SQL Servers are running at their absolute peak throughput.


Disaster Recovery is always at forefront of all of our services.


We maintain your SQL Server to ensure it always runs at its very best.

Future Plans

Helping clients plan ahead with new features and version upgrades.

Highly Skilled

We bring decades of experience at the highest levels right to your fingertips at a fraction of the price.

Excellent Support

Having any problems with your systems, wish to raise any concerns? We're always here and happy to talk to you.

Driving Results

Our aim is to relentlessly drive your SQL Servers forward to see tangible results from your software investment.

Our Services

SQL Server Training

We utilise our vast depth of knowledge and practical expertise in the software to create both off the shelf and custom training courses. These are presented by our expert trainers and will ensure you leave armed with enough knowledge to make an immediate difference in your firm.

Support Services

Do you run SQL Servers but have no SQL staff on payroll? Or maybe you don't have enough SQL work to warrant a full time hire? We're here to help. We offer recurring contracts from just 4 hours per week to ensure peace of mind around your SQL Server estate and SQL workload.

SQL Server Monitoring

Many companies offer software monitoring and, although great, these require a SQL Server professional to analyse the output and real-time tracking can be overkill for most firms. We offer human written, daily or weekly reports, specifically for firms without an onsite resource to fall back on.

SQL Interview

Hiring the right member of staff can be a painful process, wasting considerable time and money on technical phone calls with unsuitable candidates. We are here to help, performing better, more accurate testing, saving you time and money and ensuring you get the right candidate.

Great Prices

Competitive rates and flexible service options to meet all budgets.

Chat with the team

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Call a specialist

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Why Choose SQL World

We Are Professional

We resource, train, speak, mentor and encourage; marketplace leaders, business owners and career professionals to be effective in the workplace.

We Are Thorough

Our desire is to leave no stone unturned in a drive for performance within your SQL Server. This ensures you will always get the absolute best return for your SQL Server investment.

We Are Always Here

We strive to never leave you out in the cold. Our training, flexible service plans, and monitoring will always leave you prepared for any eventualilty knowing we have your back.

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Benefits We Provide

Business Improvement

We transform brands and grow businesses by breathing new life into your existing hardware.

Ease of Contact

We are always available for our clients, just drop us a mail or give us a call and we're on hand.

Solving Problems

We guide you through the complex SQL Server pathway ensuring you using the product in the right way for you.

Knowledge Share

We endeavour to inform you what we're doing and why to ensure best practices and configuration and enforced.

Reducing Costs

Always working towards a low resource footprint alongside correct licensing to reduce your monetary outlay.

Business Analysis

We work in hand with your business, advising on future and current features which could boost your throughput.

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