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SQL Training was founded nearly 5 years ago now in order to address shortage of skills within the SQL Server field and has grown ever since.

SQL Server is notoriously simple to use but hard to do so correctly and therefore I wanted to address this balance, ensuring all companies get the very best from their employees.

Kevin Urquhart

Company Overview

Thorough Training

Our driving force is our passion for databases, technology, and particularly Microsoft SQL Server. We strive to ensure every SQL Server we encounter is running at its absolute best and we believe the way to achieve this is through training. However, basic training isn't enough and we endeavour to go above and beyond, providing real world tips, internals knowledge to fully grasp how SQL Server works, and providing ongoing support to our attendees beyond the training dates themselves.

Need SQL Server Training? We have you covered, providing everything you need, every step of the way …

Having worked with SQL Server for nearly 20 years across numerous industries of varying size and complexity and having trained at the very highest levels with those who originally wrote the product at Microsoft, my main takeaway was always how badly companies had struggled with their SQL Server product prior to my arrival. The belief has always been that anyone can write SQL code and database servers maintain themselves, but this is far from the case. Worryingly, even those employed as SQL Server professionals are far from qualified having simply taken over the role or figured things out as they went along. This will only lead to pain and expense in the long run and therefore I started SQL Training in order to try and rectify this staffing crisis in the SQL Server field. As it turns out I'm not only enthusiastic about the product but I also enjoy teaching and helping others get the very best out of their SQL Servers to whatever ends they require and in doing so to understand its nuances and push their careers further forwards accordingly.

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Our Brands

SQL Training Logo
SQL Training Logo
Professional SQL Server Courses

Our training arm, specialising in the provision of both off the shelf and custom training for clients of all sizes, delivered either on and off-site.

SQL Solved Logo
Solving Your Resource Deficit

Employee shortfall? No SQL resource? No problem. SQL Solved provides expert support resource on an ad-hoc or recurring basis.

SQL Solved Logo
Hiring Your Perfect Candidate

Hiring a new SQL Server resource? We take the time and cost out of ensuring you interview only the best and appropriate candidates.

SQL Monitoring Logo
Keeping Your Servers In Check

Monitoring your server and offering human written, daily or weekly reports, specifically for firms without an onsite resource to fall back on.

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