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There are numerous situations in which we can lend an invaluable hand.

Zero SQL Server Resource

Many companies run SQL Servers without having anyone to monitor or maintain them. Sadly, unattended SQL Servers invariably start to perform poorly, use excessive resources, and their databases grow out of control. Regularly we hear stories of employee's struggles in which they find themselves constantly rebooting their servers, shrinking data and log files, and experiencing inconsistent performance. Instead, we can spend just 4 or 8 hours a week ensuring that your server is running smoothly, using minimal resource, and performing at its best for your firm.

Application Developers but No DBA

You have software running on a SQL Server and your developers write front end code alongside supporting SQL but you have no idea if the SQL is good, performant, or detrimental to the system in terms of blocking and server resource. Sanity and performance checking the code alongside maintaining the SQL Server do not justify full time roles but are essential to your firm. We can help by providing 8 - 12 hours a week of our expertise to cater for both of these functions at a fraction of the cost of just one, even mid-level, full time employee.

Sole DBA with no SQL Developers

Having a SQL Server DBA is an invaluable investment for your firm and can alleviate a vast array of SQL Server pain points. However, a high proportion of DBAs have little to no experience with T-SQL, only writing basic code and struggling to help with code based performance issues. In several cases the only real solution to performance problems is to analyse the T-SQL itself, editing poor code, analysing execution plans, and architecting solutions through indexing and design. The hours you purchase from us can be used to provide critical support in this area.

Overstretched SQL Resources

If you have a larger IT team with a good flow of SQL Server related work and busy, fully utilised, staff then any increase to the flow of work to the SQL Server team can push capacity beyond its limits. Rarely do firms wish to immediately spend money on an additional full time resource in case the flow of work fails to increase further resulting in excess staff and high salary costs. We can fill this gap nicely by taking on the additional work as required, increasing your capacity without your incurring the cost of additional full time employees.

Holiday and Leave Cover

Maybe you require short term cover for someone who has taken holiday or leave? You may not require a full time replacement, just someone to keep the lights on until your resource comes back and to avoid any downtime or performance deterioration. Our flexible ad-hoc options allow for a customisable solution to your problem, ensuring that you never have to worry about staff shortage for any requests that come in or any maintenance and performance issues may arise and need to be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Projects and Future Planning

The market never stops moving, evolving, and driving forward. If you have no, limited, or mid-level SQL Server resource then this limited skillset can leave you struggling to plan for the future and pushing your firm forwards. As experts in Microsoft SQL Server we have deep knowledge of all areas of the product allowing us the ability to advise how to prepare for the future, discuss new or existing features in the product, and plan version upgrades, and within the hours you purchase we can implement everything you need to keep you at the forefront.

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