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Our Pricing

We ensure you get the very highest levels of expertise for a reasonable price.

Subject Matter Experts

All our staff are at the pinnacle of their field having dedicated their careers to Microsoft SQL Server; it's implementation, usage, analysis, and internals of the product. All have trained at the highest level, including with those who both ran the SQL Server team and wrote large portions of the software at Microsoft.

We provide the very best service and results for our customers time and time again.

Value For Money

With this in mind we value our services and time highly but understand that filling any gap in resource must be a financially prudent option. Therefore we believe we are cheaper than any contractor worth his salt, and even provide savings against a full time employee.

We are also confident that our skillset leads to a productivity rate above that of most SQL Professionals, widening the cost benefit gap even further in our favour.

Outside IR35

Crucially, as a service, we also negate the current fear surrounding the new IR35 regulations. This provides peace of mind against the potentially heavy fines and monetary outlay that could incur if HMRC deem a contractor to be employed rather than self employed.

Aside from the cost savings against a full time resource, numerous clients have cited this alone as a reason for first considering a move in our direction.

Our Rates

  • Custom Hours
  • Valid for ?? Months
  • Jira Task Board
  • Dedicated Contact
£ 600
  • 7 Hours
  • Valid for 1 Month
  • Jira Task Board
  • Dedicated Contact
Standard +
£ 900
  • 11 Hours
  • Valid for 1 Month
  • Jira Task Board
  • Dedicated Contact
£ 2,750
  • 35 Hours
  • Valid for 3 Months
  • Jira Task Board
  • Dedicated Contact

Flexibility & Peace of Mind

Flexible Units of Time

Despite a database itself being rigid by nature and its processes and actions usually well documented and set in stone, a DBAs job is rarely so stringent. With database restores being infrequent and sporadic, performance problems cropping up at unexpected times and not to a schedule, we offer the purchase of X hours per week or month, to be used as fits the business or the problems you are encountering, rather than insisting we work only at specific times.

Customer Focused

No two businesses are the same when it comes to their maintenance, tuning, or monitoring needs. Therefore we are happy to work to our clients' needs, whether that be committing to our Service for 2-3 days per week or just 1 day each month simply to ensure your servers are still ticking over, we are happy to support any and all requirements our clients can muster.

Long Term Peace of Mind

We like to joke that, as with our pets, a SQL Server is for life and not just for Christmas. Due to this our most common contracts are not short term, but rolling in order to ensure peace of mind that your servers are being looked after and that we are here in case of emergency, freeing you up to relax and concentrate on other areas of your company. Again, this could be 4, 8, or 12 hours a month up to 2 days a week, albeit on a rolling contract.

How We Compare

Average Annual Salary

SQL Server DBA - £57,500

SQL Server Developer - £52,500

Comparative Salary - £55,000


Scenario A - Company X requires 4 hours per week (£300)

Scenario B - Company X requires 8 hours per week (£550)

Scenario C - Company X requires 12 hours per week (£800)

Scenario D - Company X requires 8 hours per month (£550)

Scenario E - Company X requires 12 hours per month (£800)

Scenario F - Company X requires 35 hours per month (£2250)

Measurable Annual Savings

Scenario A - Total Cost = £15,600, Total Savings = £39,400

Scenario B - Total Cost = £28,600, Total Savings = £26,400

Scenario C - Total Cost = £41,600, Total Savings = £13,400

Scenario D - Total Cost = £6,600, Total Savings = £48,400

Scenario E - Total Cost = £9,600, Total Savings = £45,400

Scenario F - Total Cost = £27,000, Total Savings = £28,000

Savings are considerably larger than stated when including benefits such as pension, holidays, sickness, health insurance etc.

SQL Server DBAs are generally responsible for the configuration, installation, and maintenance of a SQL Server and its hardware.
SQL Server Developers write T-SQL code, create supporting indexes, suggest and implement architecture, and tune performance.
The average SQL Server Professional will be one or the other, therefore to compare equally to the variety of work we can perform for your company, we should really consider two permanent employees or one, more expensive, highly skilled SQL Server Professional.

Average Salary Sources:
    SQL Server DBA:     CWJobs Salary Checker SQL DBA
    SQL Server Developer:     CWJobs Salary Checker SQL Developer

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