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Client OnBoarding

Client OnBoarding

Connecting a client and service provider can be a stressful affair involving time and cost, therefore we have tried to make the process as simple yet thorough as possible for all concerned.

Phase 1: Client Agreement

Once a client agrees to sign on to our service we provide the following documents:

  • Our Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Service Commencement Contract

Note, we realise that our Standard Terms and Conditions may not suit all clients, therefore we are open to discussing customisation where applicable in order to conform to each client's requirements as much as our own.

Phase 2: Introduction

Once the Client Agreement phase has completed we move on to the Introduction phase. This entails the following:

  • Site Visit
    • We are happy to conduct a free full day site visit to allow you the chance to talk us through your business and, more importantly, give us a guided tour of your SQL Server estate to ensure that we are up to speed once the service commences.
  • Accounts Created
    • A new, private Jira board is created and setup for the client.
    • Provision of user credentials for the client to access the Jira board.

Phase 3: Commencement of Service

Following successful completion of the above phases the service can begin in line with all agreed terms.

Client OffBoarding

In the very unlikely event you would ever want to leave us (we literally can't think of any reasons you'd ever need to), then we've made this incredibly simple as well.

Phase 1: Written Notification

As per our Terms and Conditions, simply send us written confirmation that you no longer need our services and, once received and acknowledged, our services will cease after the agreed notice period has expired. Note, we also accept email with attached PDF as acceptable written confirmation of notice.

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