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SQL Server Support Services

Whatever your SQL Server needs, let us pick up the slack.

Welcome to SQL Solved

Our aim is to be the solution to all your SQL Server resource needs. Whether you have no dedicated SQL Server resource, require project help, have production issues, or just need some extra capacity, we can help.

Personal Touch

As an agile, adaptable company we dedicate ourselves to helping you and your firm grow through better data access.

Deep Knowledge

We can cover any requirement for any need whether it be a SQL Server Administrator, Developer, or Architect.

Tailored to You

Our support options are varied enough to accommodate every resourcing gap and cater for any and all budgets.

Emergency Care

Have an emergency? No problem, just give us a call and we can help on an ad-hoc basis to get you back up and running.

Client Focused

Every client receives our highest quality of service, ensuring that we always give you the very best service possible.

Always Available

Client interaction is paramount. We always make ourselves available for meetings or conversations where needed.

Boosting Effiency

Our aim is to relentlessly drive your SQL Servers forward to see tangible results from your software investment.

Why You Need Us

No SQL Resource

A SQL Server without anyone to monitor or maintain it will inevitably start to perform poorly, use excessive resources, and grow out of control. Instead, we can spend 4 or 8 hours a week ensuring that your server is running at its best for your firm whilst also ensuring both your data security and privacy.

No SQL Developers

Application developers may write front end code alongside supporting SQL but you have no idea if the SQL is good, performant, or detrimental to the system in terms of server resource and data security. Our expertise a few hours per week can cater for this at a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee.

Short Term Cover

Short term cover rarely requires more than simply keeping the lights on and yet cover in the form of contractors can be expensive as they rarely work part time. Our flexible ad-hoc pricing options allow for customisable solutions to your problem, ensuring you never have to worry about your SQL Server or its data.

Great Value

Competitive rates and flexible service options can be seen here.

Chat with the team

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Call a specialist

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Why Choose SQL Solved

We Offer Flexible Support

Our contract options cater for all requirements whether you desire recurring weekly or monthly hours, or to simply purchase ad-hoc time.

We Offer Structured Working

Operating Jira software as our time and issue management system means that we work in a very structured way with the client in control.

We Are Always Here

Never more than a phonecall away, we give you peace of mind that you will always be prepared for any eventualilty knowing we have your back.

If you have any questions for us,
get in touch today

Benefits We Provide

Business Improvement

A performant, tuned, and maintained SQL Server can breathe new life into other, reliant software.

Ease of Contact

We are always available for our clients, just drop us a mail or give us a call and we're on hand.

Solving Problems

We analyse your usage of each SQL Server, ensuring you using the product in the right way for you.

Knowledge Share

We document and explain what we're doing and why to ensure you are never left out of the loop.

Reducing Costs

Always working towards a lower resource footprint and correct licensing to reduce your costs.

Business Analysis

We endeavour to understand your business ensuring all our solutions are tailored to you.

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