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SQL Server Monitoring and Health Checks

We keep an eye on your SQL Server so you don't have to worry.

Welcome to SQL Monitoring

Our aim is to ensure you have peace of mind that your SQL server is running at its peak, all the time. Through health checks or our monitoring and reporting service, our baselines and insights help pinpoint any and all issues.

Health Checks

A thorough deep dive into your SQL Server covering every angle imaginable.

Human Touch

All our monitoring and health checks are delivered in human readable form.

Trend Analysis

Monitoring over time can provide value insights into performance trends.

Cost Savings

Knowing your server helps streamline resource usage, decreasing operation costs.

Human Backing

Our data analysis and reporting are all performed by humans to ensure clarity and comprehension.


Our findings are always clear, in plain English, and require no SQL Server training to understand.

Data Analysis

Our in depth analysis of the collected data can lead to both better performance and cost savings.

More Information

Deep Analysis

Off the shelf software is great but these need configuration, maintenance, and also a SQL Server resource to interpret any output. We strive to be different, collating and analysing the data ourselves and creating reports in plain English to ensure you know exactly how your SQL Server is performing and why.

Our Monitoring

Many firms require an overview of their SQL Server but have no need for real time monitoring, preferring to receive daily or weekly reports on the state of their environment. We gather data from your SQL Servers each minute of the day, providing summarised reports and analysis to match your chosen frequency of report.

Health Checks

Looking for just a one-off or occasional health check for your server? We spend a full day running a series of queries against your SQL Server, gathering the data required to perform an in depth analysis of your installation and setup, including performance issues, configuration, Microsoft best practices, and much more.

Great Value

Competitive rates and flexible service options to meet all budgets.

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Why Choose SQL Monitoring

We Offer Flexible Support

Our server health checks can be taken at any time and performed in accordance with your downtime or quiet periods to ensure no performance impact.

We Offer Structured Working

Our monitoring service delivers scheduled reports which can be tailored to your requirements whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly updates.

We Are Always Here

Never more than a phonecall away, therefore if you have a pressing matter we can quickly and efficiently help you get to the bottom of your problem.

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Our Approach

Server Baselining

Collecting data over time builds up a comprehensive baseline of your server and its performance. This allows for fast resolution when something goes wrong, as we can quickly pinpoint any baseline anomalies.

Data Collection

Our software periodically runs very lightweight queries against your SQL Server, writing the results to a file on disk. This lightweight approach ensures no performance impact to your SQL Server.

Data Security

We take data security incredibly seriously and, as such, we only collect generic performance counters and metrics from internal system tables. We do not collect, or even access, any company data.


The basis of our reports are graphical for clarity and ease of comprehension. These are produced as a result of our algorithms running against the collated data produced from your SQL Server over time.

Deep Analysis

All reports are then analysed in full and in person by our SQL Server Experts rather than simply by software in order to ensure any trends or anomalies are accurately spotted and investigated.

Clear Explanation

Annotations and descriptions are provided alongside the reports in plain English for clarity and ease of comprehension for all levels of your business, highlighting any issues or trouble spots.

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