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SQL Monitoring was created to provide an alternative to automated monitoring software which require an expert to firstly configure the software and then to analyse the output.

Instead, we gather relevant data from your servers and analyse it for you, providing you with only the pertinent detail, suggestions, and notes you can actually act on immediately.

Kevin Urquhart

Company Overview

Confidence In Your Server

Our driving force is our passion for databases, technology, and particularly Microsoft SQL Server. In our travels throughout many firms we have heard and seen first hand the problems that exist in regard to server monitoring, best practice implementation, configuration, and health checks. Very few firms maintain their SQL Servers adequately as correct configuration requires a deep knowledge of the product to determine when or why best practices should be used and the impact these choices can have on your server's performance.

Unsure how well your SQL Server could be running? Let us take a look for you …

We are all too aware that there are numerous software offerings out in the wild which can monitor every aspect of your SQL Server and beyond, providing live updates and seemingly endless drilldowns. We are also aware that in nearly all establishments we have worked throughout our careers one of these products is invariably installed and running. However, only a handful of times have we ever seen these products actually used. Generally the responses we hear when questioned are "it's too complicated", "we just run defaults", "we don't know how to look at X or what it means" or "it slows down our server". For this reason we decided to head down a different track. We run very specific and limited queries, pulling only critical information about your server that enables us to then personally analyse your server's performance and provide you with only the information you require, in plain English, and with comments (and usually also implementation code) that you can action immediately. Therefore you know you always get what you pay for.

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Our Brands

SQL Training Logo
SQL Training Logo
SQL Training
Professional SQL Server Courses

Our training arm, specialising in the provision of both off the shelf and custom training for clients of all sizes, delivered either on and off-site.

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SQL Solved
Solving Your Resource Deficit

Employee shortfall? No SQL resource? No problem. SQL Solved provides expert freelance resource on an ad-hoc or recurring basis.

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SQL Interview
Hiring Your Perfect Candidate

Hiring a new SQL Server resource? We take the time and cost out of ensuring you interview only the best and appropriate candidates.

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SQL Monitoring
Keeping Your Servers In Check

Monitoring your server and offering human written, daily or weekly reports, specifically for firms without an onsite resource to fall back on.

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