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SQL Interview

Taking the pain out of your SQL Server recruitment process.

Welcome to SQL Interview

Our aim is to remove the pain of endless technical interviews with a wide variety of candidate. We accurately assess candidates for their SQL Server knowledge, ensuring you only speak to relevant candidates for your role.

Bespoke Firm

We are an agile, customer focused firm dedicated to helping your business hire the right candidate for your SQL Server role.

Online Tool

We provide an online assessment tool which accurately establishes a candidate's strengths and weaknesses with SQL Server.

Accurate Results

We have hundreds of technical questions which allow us to narrow down your candidate's experience and skillset.

Clear Interface

Our tool is intuitive and simple to use, leaving the candidate relaxed and meaning their results are more reflective.

Personal Touch

All completed assessments are human verified by a SQL Server expert in order to ensure a fair and accurate outcome.

Always Available

Our assessment tool is online meaning we can service candidates and employers any time of day or night as required.

Boosting Effiency

Our tool removes the need for numerous, costly, time consuming first stage technical interviews by staff members.

Why You Need Us


As an agency, your clients will feel confident that you will give them solid candidates without them having to spend time and money interviewing those candidates who are all talk and no knowledge. This can drive future business and raise brand awareness that you are the best in your field.


As a company, large amounts of man hours are wasted during the screening period of the hiring process as employees have to conduct telephone interviews to establish technical capabilities of candidates. The cost savings of bypassing these stages can be incredibly valuable to database teams.

Hiring Personnel

In many circumstances the teams involved in the hiring of SQL Server professionals are, more often than not, unqualified in the technical aspects of SQL Server itself. They are hiring as an agent or IT Manager, unaware of how to accurately challenge a candidate and establish competence.

Low Prices

Competitive rates and flexible service options can be seen here.

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Why Choose SQL Interview

Self-Contained Administration

We leave you in control of the process. You can easily register clients and see their results without having to contact us each time.

We Offer Cost Savings

A technical phone interview requires a large amount of at least one employee's time. This impacts both raw cost and productivity.

We Are Always Here

Need some extra advice about a candidate or have any concerns with the process? Drop us a message through our client support page.

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Benefits We Provide

Thorough Evaluation

Our questions cover a whole array of SQL Server features to gauge a candidate's breadth of knowledge.

Thin the Herd

Allowing you to interview only applicable candidates, separating out those less suitable for your role.

Deep Knowledge

Our tests are written by SQL Server experts to ensure accuracy and to test true depth of ability.

Reducing Costs

Stop pulling employees away from their work to spend time conducting numerous technical interviews.

Ease of Contact

We are always available for our clients and contactable via a dedicated client support contact page.

The Right Candidate

Feel confident about your candidate's abilities and skillset, knowing if they're right for the role.

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