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Welcome to our SQL Server blog

This blog was created in order to pass on some of our knowledge and advice in the hope that the community might find it useful.

Obviously Microsoft SQL Server is our area of expertise and therefore this is our most thorough blog with everything from the basic through to the the incredibly advanced and, as such, we should have something for everyone within our pages.

New Website Lauched
Published: Jul 03, 2022
This is obviously not a SQL Server based post, but it does explain the lull in blogs over the last few weeks… basically I realised that my website was a little outdated and things had grown to the point where I needed a web presence which required an actual skillset to produce and design rather than my feeble efforts with CSS.

With that in mind I handed off my website to an awesome guy called Scott Heron (http://scottheron.co.uk/) who came back with a complete overhaul in regard to look, feel, consolidation, content, and visuals… don’t know about you, but I REALLY like it. (Hence my happy shout out to him in this post)

Expect more changes coming in the next few weeks / months as I add a little more detail in regard to other services (such as my Consulting and Remote DBA offerings) but, most importantly, expect the return of my inane and waffly blog posting.

If anyone has any feedback, suggestions, or comments, then please get in touch and let me know.



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