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Welcome to our Docker blog

This is the newest technology to be incorporated into the SQL Server world and therefore worthy of a blog.

From what I've seen of it so far I've been impressed with the versatility and capability, but it's hard to pick up and therefore I wanted to document as I went along...

New Blog - Docker
Published: Dec 01, 2020
Everything I've read and seen in the Docker world has been impressive to say the least. It gives virtual machines a severe run for their money when it comes to demo instances that you can simply spin up and use, and with the volume of literature around on Docker as a whole, and specifically SQL Server on Docker, it's definitely something I want to get my teeth into.

This blog is therefore my guide as to what I'm doing with Docker and anything I find out as I go... basics, issues, downsides etc.

As mentioned, a lot of this information is out there in literature, but I've found that it's incredibly hard to find a single coherent and simple source that gets you up and running and covers the very basics from "idiot" upwards (and I'm definitely starting out in the "idiot" category), so hopefully I can make this into a single consolidated source to at least get you up and running.

I hope to see you all in the comments sections in the future.

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