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Welcome to our C# blog

After years of dipping in and out of C# applications and websites I realised that, unlike SQL, I wasn't as good at remembering syntax and structures.

Therefore, to ensure that I had a reference to look back on when I need a bit of mental jogging, I figured I should expand my blog to cover C# basics. This is that blog.

New Blog - C #
At this point I should clarify that I am NOT turning my back on SQL Server, neither will I be letting that blog slide. My focus is still on SQL Server but I seem to find more and more occasions when C# pokes its head above the parapet and I end up thinking "I remember this... but how did I do it". Hence this is basically going to be my own personal crib sheet and, with any luck, it may help some you in your SQL travels if you ever need to understand or write any basic C# yourself.

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Kevin  Urquhart

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I am a SQL Server DBA, Architect, Developer, Trainer, and CEO of SQL World. This is my blog in which I’m simply trying to share my SQL knowledge and experiences with the world.

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